Your First Visit

Preparing for your first visit

People come to counseling for different reasons: some at a moment of crisis, with a need to get things stabilized; others feeling stuck with a long-standing difficulty, with a need to do the work of in-depth understanding and change. Whatever your reason for coming, it may be helpful to make some mental or written notes beforehand: about what’s going on now, any background you think is relevant, how you’ve been dealing with it, and what you’d like to be different. If you’ve done any previous counseling, think about what was helpful and what was not about that experience.

Getting Here

Russell and Jeanine’s offices are located at 239 South French Broad Avenue, Asheville, in a light-green two-storied house. Enter by the driveway on the left side of the house, and park behind the house. Our main entrance is the back entrance, off the parking lot.

Making Yourself at Home

As you enter the house, turn left and make yourself comfortable in our waiting room. Adjoining the waiting room is our group room, where you may help yourself to coffee, tea, or water from our hospitality center. There is a restroom for your use between the back door and the waiting room. We do not have a receptionist to greet you. When it is time for your appointment, we will come for you in the waiting room. Please respect the privacy of others in the building by waiting for us there.

Your First Appointment

Many people like to arrive a few minutes early, to allow time to settle in and collect themselves. Please bring your paperwork with you. You can find these at the Forms page. Your appointment will last fifty minutes. During that time we will be working together to understand what is going on, what is most likely to help, and whether we think I am the best person to help you. You should use your intuition and be honest with yourself about whether you think we are a good fit.